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Give to Tomorrow® Grant Program

Through the Give to Tomorrow® grant program, Clarke donates a portion of its annual sales revenue to non-profit environmental organizations around the world who share Clarke’s values and passion for the planet and community.

How is the Public Health Mosquito Control Industry Using Social Media?

After surveying a segment of about 100 of our U.S. based customers, including mosquito abatement districts, municipal programs, and public health departments, some key trends emerged that we can all learn from.

The Irreversible Impacts of Climate Change

Julie Reiter discusses the impact climate change is having on the spread of vector-borne diseases.

Clarke’s 2018 Day of Caring Recap

This week, Clarke celebrated its 7th Annual Day of Caring – our company-wide volunteerism effort that gives back to the communities where we live and work.

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Protecting public health across the globe

Bill Jany – Clarke’s 2018 Coworker of the Year and Senior Technical Advisor for International Business – talks about his experience bringing Cielo, Clarke’s new international adulticide, to the market.

The Zika Toolbox

In the complicated discussion about suppressing the Zika virus, every expert in public health and mosquito control seems to agree on one thing: We need to step back and use common sense.

Zika: How to React.

Zika virus (ZIKV) is in the news, and the volume is deafening. However, as far as we know, Zika is not deadly, and there hasn’t even been a single reported case in India. Is Zika really an international health emergency?

Zika Virus Impact Spreads

The mosquito borne Zika virus is grabbing our attention like no other since malaria.  And rightfully so because with increasing certainty, it\’s effects are more than flu-like symptoms. It\’s deforming newborns for life, and in some cases, death, due to microcephaly.

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Chikungunya virus (ChikV) (chik-un-GOON-ya) is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes joint pain and severe arthritis. It’s not normally fatal, but is extremely painful and symptoms can last for weeks or even months.

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