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Clarke Launches New Merus® 3.0 Mosquito Adulticide for Sustainability-Driven Communities

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OMRI Listed and meets USDA NOP standards for use around organic crops

ST. CHARLES, Ill. (June 25, 2018) – Building on the success of its NextGen product introductions, Clarke has introduced an improved Merus® 3.0 adulticide formulation at a lower price point to help municipalities, abatement districts and government agencies balance public health with the growing prevalence of organic gardens and farms.

The new formulation is the end product in the pursuit to make Merus the most environmentally and public-friendly adulticide possible for public health mosquito control. Merus 3.0 now meets the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) standards and is OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute). This means that Merus can be used in and around commercial organic farms without putting organic certification at risk. And, it brings peace of mind to residents who choose to grow their own gardens using organic practices.

“Merus fills a need for public health officials who need a product with a strong efficacy and soft environmental profile. Our development team has done an incredible job in creating an enhanced formulation to meet these needs and to lower the cost at the same time,” said Dave McLaughlin, vice president of marketing for Clarke.

“Merus 3.0 is not just for public health programs that need to respect organic farms and gardens. It is also a product ideal for communities with environmental sustainability goals.”

Merus 3.0 uses natural pyrethrins from chrysanthemum flowers as its active ingredient and is labeled as a botanical insecticide. The Merus 3.0 formulation has no chemical synergists (like piperonyl butoxide) or petroleum distillates, and can be applied via ground or aerial application. In addition, this new formulation of Merus 3.0 features an improved scent, making it more attractive for municipal programs.

When paired with Natular® larvicides, Merus 3.0 offers public health officials a holistic mosquito control solution compatible with organic priorities that suppress mosquitoes at every stage of their life cycle.  In Clarke’s service areas, customers who use Clarke’s EarthRight® program will have Merus 3.0 added to their service contracts in 2018.

Clarke donates one percent of sales of its NextGen products like Merus 3.0 and Natular to its Give to Tomorrow™ program, which makes grants to environmental nonprofits in the communities where we work worldwide.

Merus 3.0 is available for sale now and is registered in 18 states (as of June 9).