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Buffalo Turbine Air Blast Machine

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Air Blast

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Buffalo Turbine

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International Markets, USA States/Territories Only

For more than 70 years, Buffalo Turbine has designed and built powerful air blast equipment that is now available for public health through an exclusive joint development agreement with Clarke. The Buffalo Turbine is the most powerful and reliable air blast machine for liquid or granular larvicide applications. The Buffalo Turbine equipment can be built to meet the requirements of any program:

  • Liquid or granular configurations available
  • Truck or trailer mounting systems
  • Standard TeeJet® nozzle set up with optional Micronair conversion
  • Comes standard with the Clarke SmartFlow II system for data capture and in-cab on-off control

Product Details

About the Buffalo Turbine Sprayer

Air Blast Machines for Wide Area Larviciding

In 2016, the Buffalo Turbine was first used in public health for wide-area larval control of the container-breeding mosquitoes vectoring Zika across Miami-Dade County. Since then, this application method has grown in popularity for mosquito control entities across the country.

Buffalo Turbine applications have been proven effective for larval control in a wide range of habitats, including:

  • Urban and suburban residential areas
  • Commercial districts
  • Construction, work and storage sites
  • Rural areas
  • Pasture and open fields; areas with transient water, such as woodland pools, ditches and marshy areas

Buffalo Turbine Sprayer Specs-at-a-Glance

For wide area liquid larvicide applications, Buffalo Turbine air blast machines is capable of:

  • Producing wind speeds up to 120 mph
  • Delivering vertical spray reach of 80-100 feet
  • Providing horizontal spray reach of 450-600 feet in open field habitats
  • Maintaining an effective swath range of 200-300 feet

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