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Gravid Trap 6

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Gravid Trap

This Gravid trap is designed to be used with an attractant that attracts female Culex mosquitoes seeking an ovipositional site, is powered by a 6-volt DC power source, and can be easily set wherever required. The trap’s attractant contains a solution that attracts to female mosquitoes seeking an ovipositional site. While not provided with purchase, this solution can be made by infusing hay or similar organic materials.

The trap operates by creating an upward current of air from within the confines of the pan, blowing mosquitoes into the collecting bag during their pre-oviposition behavior.

  • Powered by a 6 volt DC power source
  • Designed to collect Culex mosquitoes
  • Operates by creating an upward current of air from within the confines of the pan

Part: 13558

Product Details

Gravid traps are intended primarily to monitor local Culex mosquito populations, the primary vector for West Nile Virus (WNV).

The trap works by using “stagnant” water – water infused with hay, grass, or similar organic material – as an attractant (please note that this is not provided). Female Culex mosquitoes are drawn to this trap to lay their eggs. Trapped adult females can then be used for WNV testing. In addition to their ability to monitor for WNV, Gravid traps are also economical and highly portable.

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