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Cielo Mosquito Space Spray

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Application Method

Ground + Aerial ULV

Labeled Treatment Areas

Outside of USA only

IRAC Mode of Action

4A Neonicotinoids

Active Ingredient

Imidacloprid, Prallethrin

  • Ready-to-use ultra-low volume space spray for controlling adult mosquitoes 
  • An IRAC Class 4A chemistry product: Brings a new class of chemistry to public health mosquito control, expanding rotational product options to help combat insecticide resistance in adult mosquitoes 
  • Two active ingredients, imidacloprid and prallethrin, work together to provide fast knockdown and efficacy in a ready-to-use, low volume formulation 
  • Proprietary carrier complex creates a visible spray cloud in humid climates – “The Magic Curtain” 
  • Labeled for outdoor (ground and aerial) and indoor space spray applications (may vary across country of registration) 
  • Virtually odorless upon application with no lingering scent
  • Non-corrosive and non-staining on equipment
  • Application equipment cleans easily using isopropyl alcohol after use
  • *Note: The Cielo brand name and product label may vary across different countries of registration, in order to comply with local regulatory or trade requirements. For questions about Cielo registrations in a specific county, please contact your Clarke representative or our Customer Care team.

Product Details

About Cielo®

Cielo space spray is a novel mosquito adulticide formulation available for use outside of the United States. When Clarke began launching Cielo in 2018, it introduced imidacloprid, an IRAC Class 4A chemistry, as the first new active ingredient for global public health mosquito control in over 30 years. In Cielo, imidacloprid is combined with the proven knockdown agent prallethrin and a patented carrier complex.

The result is twofold: the most desirable cloud and droplet characteristics possible for a space spray; and an additional mode of action product option for controlling adult mosquitoes, in rotation with existing organophosphate and pyrethroid-based products.

  • Ultra-low volume space spray
  • New active ingredient for mosquito control
  • Desirable spray cloud and droplet characteristics
  • WHO PQ Listed

In nearly 300 field and operational trials performed across four continents, Cielo performance was optimized and demonstrated efficacy against all major disease vectoring species, including Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex – the mosquito species that vector Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever viruses, as well as Malaria and Lymphatic filariasis.

*Note: The Cielo brand name and product label may vary across different countries of registration, in order to comply with local regulatory or trade requirements. For questions about Cielo registrations in a specific county, please contact your Clarke representative or our Customer Care team.

Cielo and The Magic Curtain

Cielo is formulated with a novel, patented carrier complex developed by Clarke’s formulation scientists that raises spray cloud performance to a new level. It was designed with the end goals in mind: highly-favorable spray cloud characteristics, a reduced environmental footprint, no petroleum distillates, and rapid degradation in the environment following an application.

It is also unique in operational performance from all other space sprays, creating a dense and noticeable spray cloud in humid environments – giving the applicator visual confirmation of spray coverage. Dry climate applications will produce a less visible, but equally effective, spray cloud. Regardless of the humidity levels at application, Cielo’s “Magic Curtain” spray cloud dynamics deliver consistent coverage across the treatment block and a highly uniform droplet size.

About Cielo’s Active Ingredients

Cielo is a proprietary solvent-based formulation with two active ingredients from two different chemistry classes – imidacloprid, a IRAC Class 4A neonicotinoid, and prallethrin, a IRAC Class 3A pyrethroid. The addition of an IRAC Class 4A for mosquito control gives public health officials a new rotational tool for use in mosquito control, along with existing organophosphate and pyrethroid-based products.

Imidacloprid is Cielo’s primary active ingredient, providing exceptional control, while prallethrin adds a knockdown advantage, creating time for the imidacloprid control effect to set in. In concert, the active ingredients in Cielo demonstrate higher efficacy at lower rates than either active ingredient can alone.

Cielo and the Environment

Clarke created Cielo to deliver a reduced environmental footprint compared to other available space sprays at the time of launch. The low dose rate of active ingredients in Cielo further contributes to a reduction of the environmental risks of this product.

Cielo in Sunlight

The active ingredients in Cielo degrade rapidly in the natural environment, particularly in the presence of sunlight and warm temperatures. This is indicative of low potential for accumulation in the environment.

Cielo in Soil

The absorption of both active ingredients into the soil particles indicates the risk of leaching into the soil layers is low. The low dosage rates further contribute to a reduction in environmental risk.

Cielo and Animals

When Cielo is used according to label instructions for outdoor (ground and aerial) and indoor mosquito control space spray applications, it does not pose a significant risk to people or animals. Cielo has low toxicity to humans and domestic animals.

Cielo and Bees

Cielo is toxic to honey bees on acute exposure. Dried foliar residues tested following field applications at labeled rates for mosquito control are not toxic to bees. Risk to bees and other terrestrial insects can be mitigated by making outdoor applications at dusk or later when bees have returned to their hives for the evening. Always follow labeled directions.

Applying Cielo

Cielo space spray has labeling for ground/truck-mounted ULV, aerial ULV, and backpack ULV applications. It should be applied when conditions are favorable for ULV applications. Always read and follow label directions prior to application. Cielo labels and use patterns may vary across countries where it is registered for use.

Cielo application range guidance:

  • Application range is 88 – 146 ml/ha for outdoor ground ultra-low volume applications
  • One liter treats 11.3 – 6.8 ha for outdoor ground ultra-low volume applications
  • Indoor application rate is 8.8 – 14.6 ml / 1000 m²

Since environmental conditions can vary greatly, it is recommended that spray equipment flow rate calibration and droplet size characterization be done at the same time of day as operational applications are made. Clarke also recommends that spray equipment set-up be validated prior to each Cielo application.

For best results, application equipment should be cleaned and flushed with isopropyl alcohol prior to new applications with Cielo and again after each use. This includes cleaning and flushing the interior spray tanks, in-line filters, all spray lines, pumping system, and spray nozzles. Given the product’s unique and proprietary carrier complex, Cielo cannot be mixed with oil, water, or any other product.

Cielo is a non-corrosive and non-staining formulation.

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