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Zenivex® Adulticide

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Application Method

Ground + Aerial ULV

Labeled Treatment Areas

Crop Tolerance, Residential Areas

IRAC Mode of Action

3A Pyrethroids/Pyrethrins

Active Ingredient


  • Contains Etofenprox, an EPA-classified reduced risk molecule for the control of adult mosquitoes
  • Available in both oil and water-based formulations
  • Developed and manufactured by Central Life Sciences
  • Distributed by Clarke for public health mosquito control use

Product Details

About Zenivex®

The Zenivex® family of mosquito adulticides from Central Life Sciences provides three alternatives for adult mosquito control. It is a high efficacy, reduced-risk adulticide that gives quick, permanent knockdown and reliable control of adult mosquito populations in any mosquito habitat. All Zenivex formulations are labeled for hand, ground or aerial application and have crop approval to allow application throughout urban and rural settings.

The active ingredient in Zenivex® adulticide is Etofenprox, a unique synthetic pyrethroid molecule for the control of adult mosquitoes.

Zenivex Formulation Options

Zenivex comes in three formulations, water and oil-based, designed to suit the variable habitat, application method, and length of control requirements for public health mosquito control products. Learn more about the three different Zenivex formulations available from Central Life Sciences for public health mosquito control:

Zenivex® E4 RTU

Zenivex® E20

Aqua Zenivex™ E20

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Rotating products and modes of action in your control program is responsible stewardship, aids in resistance management, and extends the useful life of all products.

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