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Envirotech ULV Diluent Oil

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Non Pesticide

  • High-quality white mineral oil diluent
  • No odor
  • Appropriate for use with oil-based mosquito control products where label permits dilution with mineral oil or other petroleum distillate

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About Envirotech ULV Diluent Oil

Diluents are products that allow you to dilute a formulated product to achieve a desired application and flow rate through your spray machines. The need for a mosquito control product diluent can depend on your product choices, program budget and application equipment mix, among others.

Clarke’s Envirotech ULV Diluent Oil is a high-quality mineral oil diluent appropriate for use with all oil-based Clarke product formulations. It has no odor.

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Rotating products and modes of action in your control program is responsible stewardship, aids in resistance management, and extends the useful life of all products.

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