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Mosquito and Midge Control Services for Communities, Commercial Properties and Private Homes in the Hendry, Florida Area

Mosquitoes and midges don’t discriminate between the communities they invade. Cities, Community Development Districts, subdivisions, condo and apartment complexes or business parks – none can avoid the nuisance or significant disease threats (Dengue, Zika, West Nile Virus) that mosquitoes can bring into your community.

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Helping Make Communities More Livable, Safe, and Comfortable

Your community may already benefit from mosquito control services provided by your county or abatement district, but you may want to provide a greater level of comfort and protection for your residents.

That’s where Clarke can help, with supplemental control services to limit midge and adult mosquito annoyance and reduce overall mosquito breeding in your community:

Mosquito and Midge Control Services for the Hendry Area


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Clarke provides mosquito and midge control services to HOAs, neighborhood divisions, commercial properties and more throughout the Hendry, Florida area, including:

  • Hendry County
  • Lee County
  • Charlotte County
  • Glades County
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Integrated Mosquito Management

Clarke’s mosquito control service programs that are rooted in the principles of integrated mosquito management. Recommended jointly by the EPA and the CDC, integrated mosquito management takes a holistic approach to mosquito control and involves all of the following management strategies:

  • Community education, to earn support for overall mosquito control activities and engage residents in source reduction efforts on their own properties
  • Surveillance to monitor local mosquito populations and detect the presence of arbovirus diseases like West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Zika
  • Survey and mapping of known mosquito breeding sites and treatment routes
  • Larval control treatments to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming biting adults
  • Adult mosquito control treatments to provide immediate relief from biting or disease-carrying adult populations

What Are Midge Flies?

Midge flies, also known as ‘blind mosquitoes’, are small, non-biting flies that form swarms and act as pests to residents trying to enjoy outdoor resources. They breed and thrive around water bodies with low dissolved oxygen rates and high levels of nutrients, making them a common stormwater system nuisance.

Learn more about the types of midges, how they tick and methods of controlling them in Clarke’s guide.

Midge Fly Lifecycle
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Want more information about Clarke’s Residential and Community Mosquito and Midge Control Services?

Find a representative in the Hendry, Florida region or your local area, or send us a message – we’re here to help.

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