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Clarke SmartFlow II

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Electric ULV, Gas-Powered ULV

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Regions for Use

USA States/Territories Only

Clarke’s exclusive Smartflow II flow control system comes standard with all Clarke’s ULV spray machines and allows the performance and operation of the spray equipment to sync with the vehicle and be controlled from inside the cab. Smartflow II:

  • Automatically adjusts the ULV sprayers’ rate of application according to the speed of the vehicle
  • Connects with your program’s GPS devices to monitor vehicle location, driver behavior and spray on/off data
  • Delivers at a glance operational data to your drivers
  • Provides an auto-calibration feature for flow and speed
  • Allows for pre-programming and storage of up to three product-specific application details in the system and adapts quickly to varying field conditions

Product Details

About the SmartFlow® II

  • Auto-calibration feature for flow and speed
  • One-push calibration button and a turn of a knob to view readouts to prevent accidentally changing the calibration settings
  • Extremely accurate LED-backlit display easier to read during the day and at night
  • Large well-defined numbers
  • Large easy to use controls
  • 3 pesticide counters offer a variety of options
  • Can store values for up to 3 separate drivers
  • Can total pesticide applied for 3 different time periods, e.g. per event/per month/per season
  • Can store values for 2 separate drivers with the 3rd slot summarizing information for both drivers

SmartFlow II Data Collection

  • Miles and acres sprayed
  • Total pesticide sprayed
  • Total time of the mission
  • Total time of operation of ULV machine
  • Pesticide remaining in tank
  • Maintenance alert countdown timer for electric machine
  • 3 different pre-programmed rates for on-the-go rate adjustment
  • Compatible with GPS data-collection devices
  • Continuous or variable flow feature
  • Able to set maximum and minimum speed with spray shut off & alarm notification
  • Remote start/stop/choke/flush for gas-powered equipment
  • Spray head/light for electric-powered equipment
  • Vehicle independent
  • Out-of-range warning light and audible alarm notify operator of application errors
  • Weather-proof, lockable enclosure for pump and pump driver
  • Standard with RS232 connector for PC interface
  • Alarm delay setting prevents unintentional alarm notification
  • English and metric available

SmartFlow II

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