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BG Counter 2 Trap

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BG Counter, Biogents Traps

Biogents BG Counter Trap Contents

  • Mobile module
  • SIM card for data transmission
  • Fan adapter cable
  • Battery cable
  • Mains supply
  • CO2 pressure reducing regulator with output pressure of 2 bars
  • CO2 tube
  • BG-Pro trap – Counter version: (1x funnel net, 2x catch bag, 1x inner cylinder with upper part and lower part with 12V fan, 1x trap body, 1x carrying bag, 1x tripod)

Part: BG10790 (BG Counter 2 + BG Pro Trap for US); BG10752-1 (annual subscription); BG10747 (BG Counter 2 Trap Station)

Product Details

The Biogents BG-Counter Trap

The Biogents BG-Counter is a next-generation mosquito surveillance technology and the first of its kind to enable remote monitoring for mosquitoes. Know exactly what’s happening with your local mosquito populations from anywhere and at any time, with online software and analysis.

The innovative smart device differentiates mosquitoes from other insects, counts them, and wirelessly transmits the results to a cloud server. The web application provides new insights into daily activity patterns, population dynamics, and effectiveness of your adult mosquito control activities.

About the Biogents BG-Counter Trap

The BG-Counter 2 counts mosquitoes while they are sucked into the Biogents trap body, and is able to differentiate a mosquito from other insects or dust particles. Biogents’ patented insect secor consists of arrays of infrared LEDs and light detectors that provide reliable and sensitive detection and differentiation of mosquitoes from other objects entering the trap. Mosquito counts with an accuracy of 90% were established in field tests when working with CO2 as an attractant. The BG-Counter 2 has a 4G Cellular Communication Module, works on the LTE cellular network and is not affected by eventual sunset of 3G networks.

  • Better treatment timing
  • More effective treatment
  • Better control for less money
  • Remote trap management
  • Reduced time spent on trap visits and mosquito counting

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