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Understanding Malaria Transmission: The Role of Mosquitoes

While considered rare within the United States today, malaria can be extremely common in humid, hot climates and is one of the highest-occurring vector diseases worldwide. Scroll to learn more about malaria, its transmission via mosquitoes, and methods for helping…

Webinar Recording: Navigating Species Diversity & What Makes a Vector

Last week, Clarke rounded out National Mosquito Control Awareness Week with an all-things-mosquito webinar featuring Dr. Day, Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida’s Entomology Laboratory and author of the Newsletter, Kattie Morris, and Andrew Rivera, leading members of Clarke’s…


UAV Certification and Benefits of Drones for Mosquito Control

The use of drones as a product deployment and surveillance tool within mosquito control programs has steadily increased over the past years. Earning an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) certification is essential to utilizing and incorporating drones within a mosquito control…

Clarke Operations: The Impact of PCR Lab Capabilities on Control and Application Decisions

While mosquito-borne diseases threaten human health worldwide, implementing an integrated mosquito management (IMM) system can go a long way toward mitigating those risks. Within the IMM network, the surveillance lever acts explicitly as a predecessor to larval or adult control…

clarke bg counter map illinois

Case Study: BG Counter Traps for Mosquito Population Monitoring in Illinois 

Clarke\’s latest case study reveals data on the environmental impact of implementing over 200 adult mosquito traps and Biogent’s BG Counters.

Leveraging Mosquito Industry Resources for Community Education

Each method of lake mapping – vegetation, bathymetric, and sedimentation/hardness mapping – provides unique insight into assessing areas of your waterbody that would have otherwise gone unnoticed, let alone enough understanding to properly plan and budget for.

Late Summer Mosquito Control: What to Expect

Late summer is often when the presence of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus (WNV) upticks rapidly, thanks to ideal weather conditions (regular rainfall, humidity levels, and warm air temperatures) for mosquito breeding.

dusk time msoquito spray treatment with electric ULV machine

Mosquito Spraying: A Guide to Different Application Methods for Communities and Yards

Mosquito control services use a variety of different application methods to control mosquitoes in communities, private backyards, public parks, and commercial properties. There is no one size fits all solution for keeping mosquito populations in check.

ulv spraying in field

How do Professional Mosquito Control Products Work?

Communities all across the country rely on mosquito control products and services to improve the comfort and quality of life for residents.

Clarke Adult Mosquito in a cage

Guide to Adult Mosquito Surveillance Equipment: Finding the Right Traps for Your Mosquito Control Program

Here’s an overview of the most frequently used tools for adult mosquito surveillance, including established and emerging technologies for conducting and managing mosquito surveillance activities.

natular larvicide being dropped into a catch basin

Controlling Mosquito Larvae in Water: The Basics on Mosquito Larvicides

According to the Joint Statement on Mosquito Control in the United States from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “…The greatest control impact on mosquito populations will occur when they are concentrated, immobile and accessible.” 

biogents mosquito surveillance equipment in the forest

Exclusive Distributor for Biogents Public Health Mosquito Control Traps

Clarke is the exclusive distributor for the Biogents line of public health mosquito surveillance products in the United States, its territories, and the Cayman Islands. 

Aerial night spray

How Do Aerial Mosquito Control Applications Work?

Mosquito control by air can be effective for communities that need to quickly reduce mosquito populations over a wide area. Here are seven things to understand about the science of aerial mosquito control applications.

Social distancing at a restaurant

4 Tips for Al Fresco Dining Without Mosquitoes

To keep the outdoor dining experience pleasant and safe for everyone, here are four things a restaurant can do to help eliminate mosquitoes during outdoor dining.

Help! Where to start on setting up public health mosquito abatement

Mosquito control is a key function of protecting the public from the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile virus, Zika, various forms of encephalitis, and others.

Neighborhood Ground ULV

Mosquito Control is “So Much More Than Spraying”

Taking a more holistic approach to mosquito control is essential for optimal results. Just using spray treatments is not enough.

mosquito in spray cage for efficacy testing

Choosing the right products for mosquito relief

Here is what Clarke recommends be considered when choosing the right products for mosquito control in your community.

How is the Public Health Mosquito Control Industry Using Social Media?

After surveying a segment of about 100 of our U.S. based customers, including mosquito abatement districts, municipal programs, and public health departments, some key trends emerged that we can all learn from.

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